Jacob Engholm

Marketing & Forwarding Manager


Get to know our new marketing manager Jacob Engholm

Jacob Engholm is our new marketing manager, he took up this position with us in early June. Jacob comes from DFDS where he has worked at various positions for thirty years

Jacob lives with his wife and two children outside Kungälv. In his spare time he likes to spend time with friends and family. If the weather permits, he enjoys a trip with his boat. A few times a year he and his family goes skiing or mountain hiking, staying at their cottage in Härjedalen. To visit and participate in local events is also something Jacob enjoys doing. Something he wishes there was more time for is photography and for his great interest in music, where he plays both the guitar and keyboard.

With 30 years of working with shipping and transport at DFDS behind him, Jacob has a solid experience. His work has consisted of everything from booking, ship planning to special cargo and sales. A few years of studies, both in the US and economics and marketing at IHM completed before Jacob went to England for work. There he joined in to start up Tor Line's own agency, which previously existed only externally.

"- The plan was to stay a few months, but it eventually became a 3.5 years stay. My role in the new agency was to give the corporate culture a Swedish influence and share working methods from the office in Gothenburg. Between the different departments and the office in Gothenburg, i became the spider in the net. During my years in England, before i decided to return to Gothenburg, the company had grown a lot."

His work took a new turn when i came back to Gothenburg, Special Cargo, i.e. everything that is large, heavy, long or wide. This incidentally also happens to be one of Uddevalla Hamnterminal's specialties!

Jacobs role has then changed a few more times within DFDS; among other things he was involved in the start-up of the intermodal steel shuttle (slabs and coils) that went between Sheffield and Avesta. When Commodity Teams was started in the company, Jacob quickly became involved in the two who were focused on paper and steel. The purpose of these Commodity Teams was to create a platform in which they gathered in-house expertise in order to exchange experiences. This gave them a way to monitor different segments, so they could meet customer demands.

Sales to the Swedish industry, including forest and steel, has been a part of Jacobs work for many years. Creating transport solutions for shipping, warehousing and distribution to the end customer, mainly in England but also on the Continent and the Baltics. His most recent role as Supply Chain Manager involved driving development and processes forward for different industrial accounts, coordinating and planning resources externally and internally, as well as purchasing of handling and transport.

Jacob chose to come to Uddevalla Hamnterminal when the role of marketing manager became vacant, as he saw an opportunity where he could continue to develop in a port with great potential.

”- Being close to both rail and road, Port of Uddevalla has good infrastructure and there are also large terminal areas here. This means that all tools are already in the box! Uddevalla Hamnterminal has every opportunity to continue to develop and create new business with the solid knowledge and commitment that is here and, in addition, owners who have demonstrated belief in the future through the large investments made recently.”

Jacob sees an important task in spreading the knowledge of Port of Uddevalla and what we can offer the market.He wants Uddevalla to be on every buyer's list, if they are in need of shipping or terminal services.

”- Something that I think can come in handy here is that I am very patient. I know things can take time, sometimes several years. But when the customer is ready, I want Port of Uddevalla to be the first thing that comes to their mind! It is important to have a good balance between nurturing the existing customers and growing with the new ones. By listening to the customer’s needs, we can prepare for what is to come in the future.

Jacob welcomes those who are curious about what Uddevalla Hamnterminal can offer to contact him, and with that we wish him a warm welcome to us!