Lay-up by berth possibilities at Port of Uddevalla

Uddevalla Hamnterminals main mission is to serve merchant shipping and other industries, with loading and unloading goods to and from ships. But besides that and our other daily business, the port has a unique opportunity to offer the maritime industry.

With a total of approximately 2300 meters of quay we are able to provide lay-up berths to vessels that are currently unemployed or in need of repairs that do not require dry docking. One of the reasons why the harbor and surrounding port areas are classified as a national interest is just this.

We can deliver shore-connected electricity at most of our quays.

In addition to the port area, we also can offer protected anchorage for vessels in the fjord.

Laying up vessels not only generates employment for the port but also creates business opportunities and work for other companies in the region whose mission is to repair and serve shipping in different ways.

Foto: Peter Muld