M/S Saga connected to shore power in collaboration with local companies

As a national interest, the Port of Uddevalla has the task of offering quays to shipping companies in need to lay up theirs vessels. Over time, this assignment has been more and more refined and it places higher demands on us as a supplier.

As many of you have noted, the shipping company Stena has had their vessel Saga layed up in Uddevalla for a longer period of time, as a consequence of the prevailing pandemic. Receiving and setting up relatively large vessels, such as M/S Saga, is many times associated with both complex technical and electrical challenges. It soon turned out that some extra efforts were required to connect her to shore power.

However, the work to connect her to high voltage begun in the beginning of April. At the end of the same month all preparations were done and M/S Saga was connected to the newly manufactured switchgear. As long as the market is quiet and M/S Saga will remain at quay on Sörvik, the shore connection will contribute to an increased safe existence for both the vessel and the environment.

A number of local suppliers have been involved in the work with the connection of M/S Saga. For example, Uddevalla Energi is responsible for the installation of the main connection and Actemium Sweden has delivered the switchgear and safety equipment in required for the connection.