New opportunities for grain exports from Port of Uddevalla

Lantmännen and Varaslättens Lagerhus have had a well-established collaboration regarding the export of grain from Port of Uddevalla for a long time. They have mostly both loaded the grain on to vessels from Lantmännen's silo. Together Lantmännen and Varaslättens Lagerhus account for a large part of the grain exports from western Sweden. It is important for them both to have a long-term solution where they can recieve large vessels and Port of Uddevalla is of great significance for their grain exports.

The city of Uddevalla is growing towards the water and eventually the municipality of Uddevalla will take over the ground where the silo stands. The ground is also in poor condition, where the loading takes place today. All these things put together has led to them both reviewing their possibilities for the future. Lantmännen and Varaslättens Lagerhus are now investigating a joint solution for building a new facility in the port area of ​​Fröland in Uddevalla. By establishing a coordinated silo facility, it can be built in a more cost-effective way.

- Lantmännen and Varaslättens Lagerhus together account for the absolute largest export quantity from western Sweden. By jointly investigating the possibility of a new facility in Uddevalla, we can save our members' money and contribute to increased competitiveness in the area.

Says Mikael Jeppsson, grain manager at Lantmännen, in a press release.

- A modern and efficient export facility in Uddevalla has for long been a wish for the association and our owners. Being able to load larger vessels in an efficient facility creates the conditions for better compensation for our grain, which in the long run benefits our farmers. That We jointly with Lantmännen investigate the possibility of a new, own facility feels natural as we continue to see great synergies in everything from planning, establishment and operation.

Says Fredrik Söderström, CEO of Varaslättens Lagerhus in a separate press release.