New Technical Manager at Uddevalla Hamnterminal

Anders Moberg took up his position as a Technical Manager at Uddevalla Hamnterminal in mid-February. His most recent employer was Vattenfall Service Nordic AB, where he worked as Head of their Gas Turbines Department, a part of Sweden's disturbance reserve.

Anders splits his leisure time between his small farm at Restenäs in Ljungskile and on the island of Orust, where his love lives. They have in total four sons between 16 and 22 years. Leisure is best spent on or near the sea with family and friends, and sailing is a great interest for the whole family. Sailing is something they both hope to be able to allocate more time to in the future, as they have recently acquired a second boat.

Anders has a broad technical background, which has almost always been closely linked to the marine. His Operations & Maintenance Department at Vattenfall was responsible for five gas turbine power plants in Sweden. Their business area also included Vattenfall's Port in Stenungsund. Prior to that, Anders worked for Callenberg Technology AB, which at the time belonged to the shipping company Wallenius Wilhelmsen. During his time at Callenberg, Anders worked as both Project Manager and Production Manager with a marine orientation. He was responsible for Project Management and Production, which carried out electrical installations and service on vessels all around the world.

- I have previously worked with Wärtsilä, which is another great marine player. They manufacture equipment and machinery for vessel all around the world. I joined shortly after i finished college and stayed for 17 years. I worked with both main machines and auxiliary machines, and also partly with power plants. Electricity and automation is my technical background and has always been a red thread in all my jobs.

Anders held a variety of roles at Wärtsilä, such as Service Engineer, Electrical Designer, Project Manager and Technical sales. This is something that is possible when you have an ambition and remain with the same company for a long time. A lot happened over the years, there where both positive and tough times, as the market changed. Operations also moved from Trollhättan to Gothenburg, where Anders worked for a few more years before he eventually started working at Callenberg. Before his time at Wärtsilä, Anders also sailed as an Electrical Engineer on Stena Line's ferries and Ro-Ro vessels. Occasional tours on cruise vessels were also included.

Anders has followed Port of Uddevalla with great interest for several years. He had his first contact with the company in 2016, when he lent Electricians to do installations aboard the laid-up offshore vessels in the port. When advert for the job as Technical Manager showed up, he never hesitated to take the opportunity to apply.

- I have had my eyes open for available job vacancies here for a while, but i had not found anything that suited me before. When the job advert for Technical Manager turned up, it felt like it would be perfect for me. I am very happy that we got to the opportunity to say yes to each other!

At Uddevalla Hamnterminal, he will focus on launching our new maintenance system. A system that will help us to steer towards working more with preventative maintenance. Anders says that preventive work is more economical - both for us and our customers.

- Working preventive is our focus, it should be in the spine. We have invested in two new cranes and we need to get to know them as quickly as possible to be able to give them a lot of love, right from the start. But we also need to keep our older equipment in the best possible condition. If we work preventively, we will both increase the service life and have a good cost control.

Together with his colleagues at the Technical department, Anders want their work to be well balanced and sensible. This means taking advantage of all the knowledge that exists here, while at the same time digitizing and modernizing.

- I can contribute my own technical experience in various areas; electricity, automation, environment, safety, projects and partial real estate. Then we can add people who has knowledge within other areas, depending on the project. I will also work on improving our operation and maintenance structure. This will give our Technical Department the best possibilities for servicing operations and stowage department. After all, they depend on us to deliver – in order to deliver to our customers.

Anders will also work for creating a strong team within his department, where the customer is clear throughout. He believes it is important for him to work close to both Market and Operations. In this way, he can meet the needs of customers also in our technical organization. Anders has, when working as a Project Manager, had the privilege of working as a supplier with customer responsibility, sales and marketing. There he realized how important it is to have a good offer that can not only help our customer, but also the customer's customer.

Another thing important to Anders is safety. As a leader, he has experience in coaching his staff so they can work safely.

- Working safely should always be in focus, it's very important to me. I always try to be an ambassador for security, and as a leader it is important to set a good example. If you work with safety first and foremost, most other things get solved!

In addition to working with technology in various ways, Anders has also studied Business Management at IHM, where he gained further experience in finance and marketing. It is precisely this breadth of experience that Anders believes can come in handy at Port of Uddevalla, where we have different jobs and challenges every day. He hopes to be appreciated as a leader who is and calm with a great patience and who is happy to help in situations when this is needed. He is also looking forward to networking and get to know several other Swedish ports in his new role.

Anders claims he is passionate about electrical infrastructure, and sees great opportunities with Port of Uddevalla;

- There are so many opportunities here! As a port we have a completely different possibility with our electricity infrastructure than other industries. Today we can offer our laid-up vessels electrical connections. But I also want us to be able to offer vessels electricity connections as they unload and load, with emission-free energy. And why stop there? As an example - we could also offer parking spaces for trucks running on electricity. If there are parking places with charging stations for electric trucks with us - they will come to Uddevalla! We create solutions for a safe harbor and to connect it with the world. So this is definitely a possible future for us.

We wish him warmly welcome to Port of Uddevalla!

Former Technical Manager, Johan Eriksson, retires later this year. He will remain as responsible for some projects up until then. This will also leave plenty of time for him and Anders to make a good handover.