Timber dominance at Västra Hamnen

We have seen an increase in the quantities of timber, pulpwood and fuel wood shipped out from Uddevalla during the past year. The increase is partly an effect of the shortage created on the market by the fact that Russian timber is no longer available.

Most of the timber we handle in Port of Uddevalla is originated from northern Bohuslän and Dalsland and most of these products have been shipped out from Västra hamnen, Fröland. As part of our service offer, we also lease out large areas to various forestry companies here. We offer flexible solutions tailored to our customers' needs. In this way Port of Uddevalla is part of the solution to fix the shortage of raw materials for the paper mills.

The terminal volumes of timber handled in the port have also increased during the year. The timber arrives directly from the forest by truck to the port, is reloaded and then transported from Uddevalla by railway. In total during 2021, 460,000 m³ of timber was handled. So far this year, over 600,000 m³ of timber has been handled in the same way.