Two cranes delivered to Uddevalla, just in time for Christmas

Almost excactly one year ago we placed an historical order on two new port cranes. Those cranes are now finally in place in Uddevalla

We have found two cranes, that combined will work optimally in our business. One crane is a rail-mounted crane made by Konecranes / Gottwald - a Portal Harbor Crane, Type G HSK3432. This crane has a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons and it will mainly increase our capacity in terms of heavy lifts and project cargo.

The tracked crane arrived in parts at the end of October and has been placed on Sörvikskajen. The crane comes with an ELME container spreader which enables a significantly increased production during unloading and loading of container vessels. We are also eliminating risky jobs, as manual work decreases. The crane will also be delivered with an automatic spreader from Stevenel for handling bigbags, wich allows us to lift 15 bags at a time. Since the arrival, the crane has been fully assembled and tested and was used in operation for the first time last week, with brilliant results.

Our second crane is a Mantsinen 160 Hybrilift, a mobile knuckle boom. This crane arrived mounted at the end of last week and will also be stationed at Sörvik. Here it will be easily moved between the various quays and can also be used to assist with terminal work. Among other things, the Mantsinen crane is perfect for handling general cargo and bulk. It comes with a bucket for bulk goods, a hook and an adapter that allows the use of our existing equipment.

The range for the knuckle boom crane is 30 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is about 27 tonnes, which is a great increase to our capacity. With the help of the Hybrilift, we will reduce the environmental footprint with up to an impressive 35 % against conventional methods. This means a substantial increase in capacity without increasing our environmental impact. With its mobility, precision and strength, the Mantsinen crane will become an invaluable tool for both us and our customers.

De båda kranarna