Robert Jönsson

Port Captain PSO/PFSO

Fairway information

Port of Uddevalla is located at the head of the fjord, where Bäveån meets Byfjorden, at the town of Uddevalla. The port is accessed via two lanes from the Skagerrak, at the west coast, north and south fairway.

The southern fairway begins at Hätteberget and Marstrand Pilot station and continues northeast of Tjörn and Orust. It passes Stenungsund through Sunningesund and then further into Byfjorden towards Uddevalla.

The northern fairway to Uddevalla goes from the waters at the lighthouse Hättan, located northwest of Hermanö and Gullholmen, via Ellösefjorden. The fairway goes towards the northwest of Orust, Sunningesund, at the beginning of the fjord. The fairway continues after that just west of Uddevalla Bridge and onwards to Port of Uddevalla.