Robert Jönsson

Port Captain PSO/PFSO


Port Security (ISPS)

Port Security in areas operated by Uddevalla Hamnterminal AB

Port ID number: 21420 UN

Locator code: SEUDD

Port Facility number:

  • Badö 0001
  • Skeppsholmspier 0004
  • Sörvik 0005
  • Fröland 0003
  • Exxonmobil 0002

Information regarding Port Security within the Port of Uddevalla areas. This information has been issued by the international rules concerning Port Security (ISPS code) from 2004-07-01. The aim is to clearify wich rules are valid in the areas concerned.

Notification in advance: Arriving vessels shall not later than 24 hrs before arrival, prenotify the port in writing of their arrival, according to the ISPS-code. Preferably is the vessels agent informed, and pass this information to the port.

Designated ISPS-areas: Map indicate the areas with ISPS-status as well as entries and exits from the areas. Visitors within this area can be asked to show their identification papers and be searched.

Port Security Declaration/DOS: The agent can inform vessels about the current security level of the port. Vessels with higher security level than the port is obliged to report this minimum 48 hrs before arrival. Costs incured in connection with such a demand will be charged to the vessel.

Port Security Regulations

Visitor in the port area is obliged to wear helmet and reflectionwest

Linguistical demands

English, Swedish and other Scandinavian language