Robert Rydén

Project & Operations Manager


Your general cargo in safe hands

With more than 100 years of experience, the Port of Uddevalla will safely take care of your break bulk. We load and unload bales, pallets or sacks with the same efficiency.

Pallets of fragile plasterboard for the building merchants are treated by the trucks with the care they need. Coils, profiles and other steel items pass through the Port of Uddevalla and are loaded onto trains for further refinement by the steel industry. Big bags of salt for snowy roads, of clay for the paper and paint industries, of nitrate for the mining industry and agriculture – these are all unloaded and loaded in a cost-effective manner and close proximity to the warehouse. The list could go on, but we think you understand what we mean: At the Port of Uddevalla, your general cargo is in safe hands.