Robert Rydén

Project & Operations Manager


Project cargo

Even if you have really large and heavy goods, the Port of Uddevalla provides you with every option. Heavy lifting is our daily bread.

The port, built on parent rock, has a stable foundation and a significant storage area means that trans-shipping does not have to be done immediately. Importing at the Port of Uddevalla of, for example, wind power stations, is on the increase. The dock is well placed for transporting inland for hundreds of plants, located throughout Western Sweden up to Svealand. Short term leasing of large storage space provides further flexibility. Transformers, machinery, generators, vehicles, cranes, tail buoys, offshore and shipbuilding anchor chains, cement elements, silos, tanks, sluice gates, wind power stations – they are all large and heavy, but easily handled by the Port of Uddevalla.

Should you have larger project goods, then you are also welcome here, as we have never failed to grow and successfully meet challenges.