Jacob Engholm

Marketing & Forwarding Manager


Reload between trucks, trains & ships

When you need to trans-ship between trucks and trains you can turn to the Port of Uddevalla. In fact, the whole port operates as a truck-ship-train transport node. Our land terminal is only increasing, with industrial base.

The land terminal’s operations are increasing daily, with industrial products constituting the majority. The terminal currently handles approximately 100 000 tons and 4 000 TEUs per year. We are well used to it. Shuttle trains between the ports in Uddevalla and Gothenburg run on a daily basis. Many customers see benefits from allowing EU goods from Finland being shipped via our terminal and then on to Norway after suborder "Just in time" and also with less capital tied up in customs.

If you need to store your goods, even if they require large areas, then we have you covered, because we have the resources.