Robert Rydén

Project & Operations Manager


Timber and lumber

Whether you are exporting or importing sawn timber or lumber, pulpwood or chips, you will find effective handling at the Port of Uddevalla.

Thousands of cubic meters of sawn lumber goes through the dock every year, coming from Bohuslän, Dalsland, Västergötland and Småland or in country. There is also sawn wood goods – and these exports are growing. Wood chips are coming in to the thermal power plants, which is steadily increasing their imports. The terminal loads your lumber from trucks to trains for further transport by ship. A significant storage area and a good loading capacity means the work goes smoothly. Your sawn wood goods can be received by truck or train, are unloaded by forklifts and then loaded on to ships. Our trucks and cranes are, of course, suitable for the work with, for example, lumber grippers and special grippers. We are constantly developing our handling technology.