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Västra Hamnen

Our newest port area, Västra Hamnen is intended for our future expansion plans. At Västra Hamnen we have great possibilities for outdoor storage. Several industries are already established here and more will come during the next few years.


A total of 78,000 m² is available for outdoor storage at Västra Hamnen. Here is also our newly built warehouse tent, which is adapted for storing bulk goods.

Quays and capacity

At Västra hamnen, the quay is 240 m long- Here we have the capacity to recieve vessels with a draft of as much as 11 m. The quay at Västra hamnen is used for handling bulk cargo, forest products, general cargo and various project loads, among other things. The quay also has a Ro-Ro mode adapted for vessels and ferries with a straight stern ramp, and a tanker manifold for Clariant.

Here we operate with two mobile jib cranes and a mobile cargo conveyor for handling of bulk cargo.

By the spring of 2025, we will have a newly renovated quay and a rail-bound Port crane at our disposal at Västra hamnen.


In the early 1970s, there was a company here that worked with stone crushing. In June 5, 1973, a large landslide occurred in connection with an explosive salvo. The landslide brought at least 450,000 m³ of earth and mud out to the middle of Byfjorden. Machines and bearings belonging to the crushing company were also lost in the landslide.

In 1980, the municipality of Uddevalla started the construction of what was then called Frölandshamnen. The port was adapted for ore imports and the development of the area to today's operations began.


Västra hamnen has great growth possibilities. Here we work to enable new areas for industrial establishments adjacent to quays or port areas. A new entrance to the area and other infrastructure such as electricity, water, fiber and district heating are in a planning stage. A railway reserve to the area will secure any future needs.

With a high degree of exploitation and generous heights, the opportunities will be many for companies that establish themselves here. If you are involved early, there will be good conditions to influence. In the next few years, a lot will happen here at Västra hamnen.

Västra hamnen




Max l.o.a

Water depth, quay


Max draft MWL

Additional information


61-63240 m


12,00 m


11,50 m


Fröland Ro-Ro (tanker Clariant)


81 m


7,80 m


7,30 m

Width of ramp 19 m


Fixed stern and 2 dolphins


-48 m-

6,30 m


5,80 m


Västra hamnen


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